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Take a stroll down Memory Lane

Just a few minutes of scanning the pages of the yearbooks brings back a flood of memories of the old friends, classmates, teachers, dances, clubs and much more that created the very fabric of our teenage years.

To view Archons, click decades below and follow the links to every yearbook since 1961/62. Enjoy the memories!

NOTE: The Archon book pages are being reformatted and all will be viewable in a hi-res format soon.

Thanks for your patience while the work is being completed. All updates will be completed by early 2024.

King  City  Secondary  School – Semper Progrediens — Always Progressing

Yearbooks to Rekindle the Memories

The  Voice  of  King  City  Secondary  School  Alumni


The  Voice  of  King  City Secondary  School  Alumni


The  Voice  of  the

King  City Secondary  School Alumni