Jill Hyland-Bishop

Royal Canadian Air Force • Aerospace Engineer, Squadron Commander

Attended KCSS: 1981/82 to 85/86

Inducted 2016

Overachieving trailblazer in uniform.

Lieutenant-Colonel Bishop graduated from KCSS and enrolled as an aerospace engineer in the Canadian Armed Forces in 1986. She obtained a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) from Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario.  Jill served her entire career in support of the tactical aviation community working with the Kiowa, Twin Huey and Griffon helicopters. She has served at 403 Helicopter Operational Training Squadron, 2 Tactical Aviation Support Squadron, the Land Aviation Test and Evaluation Flight, the Directorate of Aerospace and Engineering Program Management (Transport and Helicopters), 408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron, 1 Wing Headquarters and 400 Tactical Helicopter Squadron.

Life in the Canadian Armed Forces has helped Jill gain a full appreciation of our great country having lived in Fredericton, Toronto, Ottawa, Brandon, Edmonton, and now is close to home in Caledon while serving at Canadian Forces Base Borden. Her operational experience includes a Technical Assistance Visit to evaluate the Tactical Un-manned Aerospace Vehicle in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2008 followed by a tour in Kandahar as the Air Wing Maintenance Officer from March to November 2009, advising the Wing Commander on maintenance and airworthiness issues of the Canadian aircraft in theatre. Most recently, Jill took command of 400 Tactical Helicopter Squadron at Canadian Forces Base Borden, Canada’s oldest and longest serving Squadron in July 2015. She is the first female and first engineer to command the Squadron. Decorations awarded to her include the Canadian Forces Decoration with bar, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, and General Campaign Star - Southwest Asia with bar.

Outside of the Canadian Forces, Jill has continued her enjoyment and participation of all types of sports including fencing while at Royal Military College, has earned a 2nd degree black belt in karate, and currently trains for and competes in triathlons.

Jill credits KCSS for giving her the foundation to be an officer and leader in the Canadian Armed Forces. This foundation consisted of a well rounded education coupled with a school spirit much like the esprit de corps so important in the military. While the maths and sciences were instrumental towards her becoming an engineer, French and Phys Ed classes were equally important for her as an officer and leader as was  the sense of school spirit created by the many sports teams, pep rallies, assemblies, band trips, canoe trips. This atmosphere would not have been possible without the passion for teaching, involvement outside the classroom, and dedication to the students’ futures. So, she would like to thank the teachers, past and present, that helped to make life at KCSS memorable while setting the foundation for success!


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Jill Hyland-Bishop


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