Terry Hoover

Entrepreneurship • Maple Syrup Aficionado

Attended KCSS: 1973/74 – 76/77

Inducted 2022

Educator & maple Syrup entrepreneur.

Terry embodies all there is to enjoy about maple syrup. “Sugaring off” allows Terry to share his knowledge of process, the product itself, and its health benefits.  Upon graduation from KCSS in 1977 he attended Guelph University in the Agriculture programme.  Once active in production, he went on to hold several key and influential roles in the maple syrup industry, including: Provincial Director, President, and Past President of the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association (OMSPA) as well as President of the Waterloo Wellington local.

Terry’s passion for maple syrup runs through and beyond the industry.  In recognition of his outstanding contributions, he was made a recipient of the Albert and Ruby Martin Award, the most prestigious award in Ontario.  In addition, he received the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival Producer of the Year Award (2020), specifically because of the quality and flavour of the maple syrup he produces.

In a bid to further an already healthy appetite for maple syrup, Terry appeared on the well known Pitchin’ In series hosted by Canadian Chef Lynn Crawford on the Food Network (March, 2011).  His charismatic personality won him a second appearance on Chef Lynn’s Christmas Special later that year.  Both shows featured Hoover’s Certified Organic Maple Syrup.

A stalwart contributor to ongoing craftsmanship in the industry, Terry has been a guest speaker at the Guelph Organic Conference, Canada’s longest running organic marketing event.  He created two courses for the Conference:  Maple Syrup Basics 101, and Organic Maple Syrup Production 202 – Correcting 1st Year Mistakes.  Ongoing work will concentrate on a 2021 course submission to further the education of producers in certified organic maple syrup.

In 2020, Terry was selected by the Corporation of the County of Perth to be a “signature experience” in its Perth County Experience Development Initiative.  Participation in this initiative allowed Terry to learn enhanced ways for better exposing his business and product line to travellers and residents through a unique and memorable experience.  From this training, “Hoover’s Maple Experience” was born.  It entails a group experience which not only allows participants to learn the key steps in maple syrup production but also encourages team-building skills. “Hoover’s Maple Experience” runs year-round, further extending the gift of maple syrup beyond its production season.

A bona fide educator, entrepreneur, and proud maple syrup producer, Terry Hoover generously hosts residents of various local long term care and nursing homes, treating them to a pancake and sausage meal while they share their own respective stories of sugaring.

Situated in Atwood, Ontario, Terry lives with his wife, Diane.


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Terry Hoover


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