Tim Henshaw

Agriculture and Community Service • Doctor Veterinary Medicine

Attended KCSS: 1968/69 – 72/73

Inducted 2023

The Doc who Talked to the Animals.

My high school experience honed and set my trajectory for success at university and in my chosen profession of large animal veterinary medicine. I would like to credit teachers Keith Carson, Ed Smereka, Ruth Dubar, Les Smith, and many more for their enablement of me. In Grade 10, I was the first student to represent KCSS at the Canada Wide Science Fair in 1970. I found my calling affirmed upon graduation from the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph in 1979. OVC Guelph favoured me with the Andrew Smith Gold Medal as top veterinary graduate as well as the WC Winegard Gold Medal for outstanding academics and contributions to university life.

My entire career served livestock and their caregivers. After 3 years in general veterinary practice, I moved into Reproductive Herd Health. There I specialized in bovine reproduction and preventative veterinary medicine. For 40 years I invested in these pursuits, through my employment with United Breeders, now East Gen. I worked in field service, research, technology transfer, technician training, and leadership through the company’s sponsorship of 4H. 2017 marked a career milestone: examining more than 1 million cows through my work in A.I. – Artificial Insemination (not the other A.I. – Artificial Intelligence). I also developed health protocols for farms and livestock shows with Dr. Rob Swackhammer DVM on the biosecurity team at TD 4H Royal Classic at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Compelled to offer support and encouragement to practitioners and families in the rural population, especially rural youth through the 4H programme, my phone always on. It was my privilege to serve some farm families through three generations.

I was a founding member, past president of the Ontario Association of Bovine Practitioners, past president of the Georgian Bay Veterinary Association; for 6 years, I functioned as an advisor to the Dean of the Ontario Veterinary College. In 1993 I instructed a group of Latvian veterinarians, studying in Canada for six weeks; this led to a two-week stint in Latvia courtesy of the International Livestock Management School. While there, I taught bovine reproduction skills; gratifyingly, this brought the Latvian bovine industry forward from where its practices had stalled since 1950. In semi-retirement I joined the Upper Grand Veterinary Service in 2021.

My career has focused on food sovereignty, food security, and agricultural sustainability. To that end I used creative social media to support and advocate for dairy operations, biosecurity, and food sovereignty. In collaboration with Bruce Sargent of Farm Boy Productions, we made a dozen videos, some instructional, some educational, and some just plain fun – especially the ones for kids. Favourites include: Signs of Heat Rap, Breed Her Maybe, and Taking Care of Fresh Cows. Stew Slater, a contributor to Farmtario paid me the superlative compliment, citing this work as timely and much needed political challenge. In particular, he referred to our Rick Mercer-like rant directed at then Premier Kathleen Wynne (to save Kemptville College) and a parody of Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham targeting former federal MP Maxime Bernier [Con./ PPC] who opposed supply chain management in the Canadian dairy industry.

My sense of fun has crept into live gigs. Stew Slater outed me as the man behind the Santa suit urging the public to “Ho– Ho– Hold the nut juice” in support of milk over almond/cashew soy alternatives. And yes, I happily own my Farm Dog of the Day Facebook posts. All in I am truly a blessed man.

Editor’s note:  Dr. Tim Henshaw passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on April 6th, 2023, to the sad dismay of his family and colleagues while en route home from Stratford, ON. Tim is survived by his wife, Jane (née Sinclair), siblings, adult children, and grandchildren.


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Tim Henshaw


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