Keith Glass

Arts & Entertainment • Musician, Producer

Attended KCSS: 1967/68 – 70/71

Inducted 2004

Multi-Award winning music-man.

I must start with a confession; I never finished high school. I failed geography my last year and didn’t go to summer school. As fate would have it, I went on to become quite an avid student of that subject through travelling pretty much every part of this continent and most of Europe, touring and playing music with my friend and musical partner, Russell deCarle in our bands; first as the King City Slickers, and later as Prairie Oyster, which continues to play after thirty years together! I also toured with a theatre group, and still play with a few other select acts, particularly those whose CD’s I have produced.

Which segues into the most recent part of my career, as co-owner and operator of a very cool recording studio, Audio Valley, and record producer. Producing is a very rewarding thing for me; I get to use all of the musical knowledge and people skills that I have accumulated over the last forty (almost) years and pass it along to other, mostly young, aspiring musicians.

I started this journey in high school, and it’s still rolling. About school, I don’t know what to say, except this: if you learn nothing else, learn HOW to learn. In other words, keep your eyes, ears and MIND open, and let it all come in. And happy trails!

Editor’s note:  Prairie Oyster is a six-time JUNO Award winning ensemble, Canada’s most honoured country group, has dominated the country scene in Canada and other parts of the world from the mid ‘80’sinto the 2000s. First formed by Keith, Russell deCarle (also formerly of KCSS) and Dennis Delorme in 1974 the band also includes Joan Besen, John P. Allen (married to Wendy Campbell, a KCSS grad) and an assortment of other excellent musicians. One only needs to look at their sixth album What Is This Country? and see the list of musicians performing with Prairie Oyster to realize the esteem in which Keith and his band mates are held. Randy Bachman and David Wilcox do not record with just anyone.


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Keith Glass


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