Remembering Departed Staff

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The following are those who we are aware of who have sadly passed away. Please us advise of any errors or admissions.

The table is sortable by clicking on the  column heads.

First Name Last Name Years at KCSS
Pat Ashley 1974-1986
Andy Carruthers 1980-1984
Peter Christie 1964-1986
Gerry Cooke 1965-1982
Ruth Dubar 1963-1986
Eric Engelbert 1962-1969
Dr. Anthony Etele 1961-1962
Dr. Leslie Evans (Ivanofsky) 1962-1967
Tom Ferguson 1962-1979
Anne (Constable) Fry 1966-1971
Ilona Gondor 1963-1981
Noreen Hashem 1963-1987
Peter Henderson 1967-1994
Ruth Hogg 1967-1983
Harry Jarman 1974-1981
Sue Kofler 1982-1983
Bob Krol 1978-1983
Muriel Lanaway 1965-1974
Stan Lindeblom 1971-1987
Carl Llewellyn 1969-1978
Walter MacDonald 1970-1976
Mike Mallory 1985-2014
Frank Marsh 1961-1985
Norm McLeod 1990-1999
Carl Mulcahey 1966-1981
B.T. O'Beirn 1961-1970
Nestor Olynk 1961-1965
Joan Parisani 1968-1996
Dr. Vasile Posteuca 1962-1966
Joanne Roberts 1986-1988
Samir [Joe] Saheb 1967-1975
Heather Rowat 1983-1992
Ron Simpson 1967-1976
Marion (Harvey) Specht 1961-1983
Jerry Sukman 1975-1981
Ed Tanquiy 1962-1969
John van Taack 1975-1981
John Turchin 1961-1976
Bill Wilson 1962-1974
Paul Wright 1963-1966
Linda Zopf 1976-1982

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