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Attended KCSS • 1987–1989

Inducted October 2013



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Making the most of opportunities for success

In one’s life there are several defining moments and experiences that shape you and move you towards the person you are. My parents immigrating to Canada from Guyana, growing up on a farm in rural Maple, my university experience, choosing my partner and my time at King City high school are the critical defining moments in my life.

King was the first place where I leaned the loyalty of team and the relationship of work ethic and success. I was exposed to a group of teachers who truly were “en loco parentis”. They modelled both in and out of the classroom the true role of an educator coach. They saw the best in each of us and truly were part of my village.

After graduating from KCSS in 1989, I had a brief stop at Laurentian University before transferring to Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa, on a track and field scholarship. The community feeling at the school and in the small town was so welcoming that I decided to stay on as Head Soccer Coach. I earned my MSc and my PhD during this time and eventually became a Professor. As a coach, I was lucky to have both my men’s and women’s team ranked #1 in the nation, and win a National championship and National Coach of the Year honours on the men’s side.

I currently serve as the Athletic Director at Ryerson University charged with transforming our program. The Mission of the Athletics and Recreation Department focuses on creating a spirit of belonging, pride and excellence at the school. This emphasis means that we work to develop teams that will succeed at the national levels, but it also means that we want students to feel like they matter and to push themselves to succeed in everything that they do. In a sense, the lessons I learned at KCSS resonate in everything I do at Ryerson. I tried to be the coach and mentor to them that Mr. and Mrs. Chvalevich were to me. I am an educator first and foremost.

Written October 2013


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