Christine Jenns


Attended KCSS • 1972–1976

Inducted 2008

Tackling life's challenges head-on.

Christine grew up in King City with two sisters who preceded her entry to KCSS. Fortunately they were wonderful students, so when Christine came along the pathway was already clear and the teachers seemed to know and take an instant liking to her. It is always fun being compared to your older sisters especially since they had set such high standards. Her favourite subjects were Calculus, Algebra, Physics and Chemistry. She still remembers doing flash cards after school in Mr. Sanderson’s calculus class to get better marks. It was fun competing. These proved to be typical attributes for becoming an Engineer. Christine participated on the girl’s basketball and volleyball teams but her favourite sport was skiing. She skied for KCSS and Queen’s University Ski Teams and recreationally all over Canada, the States and Europe.

After graduating from Queen’s in 1980, her first job landed her in the Nuclear Power Industry working for a company in Niagara Falls, Ontario designing, procuring and applying chemical cleaning systems that were designed to reduce high radiation levels on components in the primary system. This was a new technique that was being developed at the time and very quickly became successful. So successful was the company that it had to open a satellite office in Niagara Falls, NY to accommodate demands from the States. In a very short time Christine was travelling to a number of different power plants throughout the United States and loving it!

Christine’s engineering career came to an abrupt halt when on a business trip she was in a severe car accident and was paralyzed from the neck down with the prognosis of never walking again. Against all odds her desire to walk again and to be healed was so tremendous that almost nightly she saw a stream of light come in through the top of her head – down her spine and into her toes. She knew that if she could get her toes moving again she would regain her mobility. She also had an inner knowingness that the body was like a computer and it was a matter of reprogramming it. This became her all consuming desire. Her desire was fulfilled when she finally walked out of the hospital. The knowledge that she would be able to walk again was ever present, as is the knowledge that she will be fully healed.

Her home in Connecticut, with its rolling hills and expansive countryside, reminds her a lot of home here in King Township. Access to the ocean and the ski hills in the surrounding New England states is definitely a bonus. When her feet are not on the ground they’re up in the air flying her single engine airplane with her family, another passion.

Life has offered her many opportunities and she knows the secret to success is to listen to your heart and act upon it. The only one that can limit you is yourself!


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