Ray Honey


Attended KCSS • 1969–1973

Inducted 2003

Gridiron guts and glory.

Never having to do a biography of myself in the past now makes this a task both humbling and disappointing, especially to realize that for most people our goals and dreams were either too easily achieved or worse, not set far enough or high enough. My time spent at KCSS was one of joy given to me by friends, coaches, educators and family. It was this group that made it possible for me to play games that became a short career in professional football.

Since leaving my alma mater with a scholarship to Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. I have met and married an art student named Kendra and moved her from Winnipeg to Ottawa and eventually Hamilton in the pursuit of my art, football. She sent me to Montreal, and the Alouettes, to fend for myself. The two of us now reside in the King area where we have always felt at home.

Editor's Note: Ray's modest appraisal tends to gloss over one very important fact. A point that he made time and time again when he stepped onto the playing fields of York County and beyond; that this KCSS graduate and member of our Football Hall of Fame was one of the more accomplished athletes ever to wear the beloved Green and Gold. Veteran watchers of high school football still measure today’s players by the lofty standard that Ray set.


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