Chris Castel

Science Entrepreneur

Attended KCSS • 1967–1972

Inducted 2009

World Renown Medical Tech Guru

Dr. Chris Castel has been a lifelong entrepreneur, scientist and developer of medical technologies for rehabilitation Medicine and physical therapy. It all started in the family basement with his inventing a novel tunable Dye LASER system which won him the young scientist of the year, and Canadian Association of Physicists Award in his last year of High School at KCSS. Plenty of kudos are due to Keith Carson and Al Farquharson his KCSS physics and electronics teachers who offered advice and guidance on this crazy project. A good friend of his, Mike Finnigan, also from KCSS, won the other major science award that year and went on to the veterinary School in Guelph. So KCSS took the top two science fair prizes that year. As crazy as it seems his brother Marc Castel also won the top Canadian Science fair award six years later while attending high school at KCSS and his sister Maria went on to a double master’s at the University of Western Michigan. How about that for a small country high school?

Following York University where he studied biology and physics, Dr. Castel started his first medical device company, in Toronto, Intertronic Systems to make pain management and acupuncture stimulators. He moved the company to Chicago in the late 70s to take advantage of the large American market and grew it to a multi-million dollar enterprise which filed for an initial public offering in 1983 on the NASD where he managed the company as the Chairman and Founding Shareholder.

The next 25 years were spent teaching, developing and marketing new products to improve pain management, heal wounds and improve recovery after stroke and neurological disease. The same advanced methods were also applied to elite athletes to improve performance and accelerate recovery from injury. The company’s products continue to be the official muscle stimulators of the NHL, NBA and many Olympic teams in the United States, Canada and Japan. Dr. Castel has published more than 50 articles in scientific journals and textbooks, taught worldwide, and is a member of numerous professional organizations. He received his Doctorate in 2003 from Showa University Medical School in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Research. In 2007, he retired from his role as President of the company he founded, Accelerated Care Plus in Reno Nevada, following the sale of his co-controlling interest in the company to a Florida Investment Banking Firm and became the Chief Scientist and Technology Officer. Dr. Castel is also a Research Professor at Koriyama Institute of Health Sciences, Educational Foundation Koriyama Tohto Academy, Fukushima, Japan where he teaches and performs clinical research several months a year.

Chris has been married to his lovely wife Dawn for nearly 30 years, and has two children, Jacqueline and Jean Paul. His wife, a Physical Therapist and graduate of Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago, co-founded the business in Chicago with him and worked through 2007 when she retired and decided on a career change to Fashion design. She attends FIDM in San Francisco where she will graduate this year as a fashion designer. Their Daughter, Jacqueline graduated as a film director from NYU Tisch in 2006 and directs Independent Films in New York while Jean Paul, a two time athletic champion (Gymnastics and Hurdles), attends UCLA and is trying his hand in film, business and archaeology. Chris enjoys the culinary arts and wine and travels worldwide in search of the best tables! He is a private pilot, scuba certified and currently studying for his Master Sommelier designation at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley California.

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